We're a group of digital industry veterans looking to close the affordability gap between solid internet marketing and the small business community. We’re not an agency — we’re a product company and we have a solution that brings you new customers without paying a monthly subscription or a high hourly rate.

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Lead Generation for Small Business

Fully managed lead generation from a platform that requires no effort on your end. We bring you new customers, so you can focus on closing sales and serving your market. No long-term contracts or monthly fees -- only pay for what you receive, with fair and transparent pricing that you can pass directly on to your customers.

Your Challenge

SEO is expensive and is subject to the law of diminishing returns. The longer you chase it the further away it can get, especially for a local business. Good SEO agencies simply aren’t willing to work for the rates that smaller businesses can afford. It’s not their fault, but the market rewards good SEOs with high wages and the companies that can access this talent have marketing budgets in the millions of dollars.

Our Solution

Managed lead generation creates traffic to your business in the form of inbound phone calls and emails from potential customers showing strong intent to buy immediately. View the 3-minute video below to learn more about our platform and how it eliminates the need to keep spending money on an SEO agency.

Join the Private Beta

We are currently accepting applications for our Private Beta Round, which begins on November 19, 2023. We will be onboarding local, service-based businesses to our platform free of charge during the Beta.

If you have a small business that struggles to compete for organic traffic and inbound leads, consider applying to join the Beta. The only commitment we require from you is 2-3 hours of time in the first 2 weeks so that we may properly onboard your company to the platform.

Join Our Private Beta

The Super Boring Team

Our team of digital experts and technologists have spent decades in the industry working in the highly-competitive world of retail e-commerce with some of the top brands in fashion, telecommunications, technology, healthcare, and outdoor & action sports. Our approach is to leverage the same strategies that work for enterprise companies with multi-million dollar marketing budgets, but at a price and pace that works for a local small business.


Boring Founder

Seattle WA & Zihuatanejo MX


Sales & Marketing

Seattle WA


Technology Lead

São Paulo BR


Customer Success

Zihuatanejo MX

Industries We Serve

Our managed lead generation platform is ideal for local, service-based businesses -- particularly if there is a segment of your customers that call for on-demand, emergency, or unexpected needs. These customers prioritize immediate and local service over price shopping.

If you operate a business in the following service areas or similar, we are going to be a great solution for you:

  • Towing & Roadside Assistance

  • Locksmith

  • HVAC / Furnace Repair & Maintenance

  • Plumbing / Water Removal / Sewer

  • Roofing / Gutters / Leaks

  • Landscaping / Gardeners

  • Arborists / Tree & Stump Removal

  • Painting

  • Decks / Fencing

  • Concrete / Masonry

  • Pool Cleaning & Maintenance

  • Pressure Washing

  • Home Inspection / Appraisals

Likewise, services that are generally scheduled far in advance, but at a higher price point often see huge fees from industry specific platforms -- we can reduce those fees astronomically for businesses looking to think outside of the box :

  • Weddings (Planners, Venues, Photographers)

  • DJs & Karaoke Hosts

  • Caterers

  • Corporate Events

  • Charters & Tours

  • Equipment Rentals