Our Lead Generation Platform

We'll bring you more leads in real time and with a pricing scheme that is 1) reasonable and transparent and 2) the cost is passed directly to your new customer, preventing you from sacrificing margin to acquire a customer. This also means you're able to offer a repeat customer discount on your future sales to customers acquired through the Super Boring platform.

100% Managed

We do all the work. We use our expertise from decades in the agency world serving very competitive markets, combined with data from all regions and industries to inform your lead funnel. Staying on top of changes from search engines like Google and all of the trends in the digital space is our responsibility -- you just get to provide great service to customers without worrying about the rest.

Geographic & Brand Protection

We provide geographic exclusivity for your industry.  We won’t sell to your local competitors while your our customer. As well, our method provides brand protection and the ability to experiment with messaging or pricing schemes that are detached from your brand and existing web properties.

Customer Retention

Once a lead converts to a customer, they can be yours forever.  You can make sure they know how to get ahold of you directly, add them to your email list, and invite them to follow your social media pages. Our job is simply to introduce you to a new customer who is seeking out services like yours in real time.


The most novel part of our approach is that it will create zero out-of-pocket costs for your business. At the end of the Private Beta Round, we will review the data to establish pricing based on volume and the price point of your services.  We work on a commission basis per lead and offer transparent reporting on a weekly basis.  You only pay for the legit leads you receive — that commission fee is included in the advertised cost of your service on our platform.  The customer will pay a slightly higher fee to cover our commission without it eating into your margin.  No subscriptions, no long-term contracts, and no upfront costs.  You’ll be able to dump Yelp and that SEO agency you keep spending money with.   During the Private Beta Round, no fees will be accumulated or billed.

How to Get Started

  • Fill out the form on this page to apply to the beta.

  • Be willing to participate in 2 phone calls of about 30-60 mins each so we meet one another and understand each others’ individual businesses.

  • Be willing to sign a mutual non-disclosure agreement to protect your business and ours.

  • Be available to answer some follow up questions via email or text.

  • Have a phone number and monitored email inbox we can send all the leads to. If your industry works well with texting, chat, WhatsApp, etc, we are happy to work on those with you as well.

  • Understand this process will take 30-60 days to incubate. Google doesn't index things overnight, but we should see a steady ramp-up period over the first 2 months. Once it’s up to speed we should be able to ballpark the amount of leads that you’re seeing.

That’s it!  Let us deal with the boring stuff so that you only worrying about closing sales and serving your new customers.

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If you own a small service-based business in a local market you are probably spending too much time and money on marketing and subscriptions for the ROI you receive.   You’d rather that the phone just rings and you can focus on serving customers and expanding your business.   That's why we're here -- so that you can do you, while we handle the boring stuff.